Poheage, Prudence, - 1842

Prudence Poheage appeared intermittently in the records of the Connecticut State appointed overseer of the Eastern Pequot Tribe from July 1822 until September of 1842.  During this time she received goods and services from the tribal funds and benefits from the rental of tribal lands. For a period of nearly ten years she is conspicuously absent from the records, but the 1840 Federal Census for the Town of North Stonington enumerated Prudence as being the head of a household of two, a man and a woman, both within the age range of 55-100. 

In January of the next year, she was a signatory on a January 1841 petition requesting a new overseer for the tribe.  By this time Prudence began to draw upon her tribal benefits a bit more liberally receiving such staple products as cloth, flour, codfish, molasses and sugar.  In June of 1842, the tribe paid for her coffin, grave clothes, burial.

NLCC:PbS, Indians, Eastern Pequot; 1840 Federal Census, North Stonington, CT

June 1842