Nedson, Zilpha, - 1845

Zilpha Nedson, also known as Zilpha Talsbury, was an Eastern Pequot woman who had gotten sick at Lebanon, Connecticut in late October 1843.  Having no residency there, she was on the town's expense for fourteen weeks when Lebanon contacted the authorities of North Stonington for repayment. 
Zilpha's illness continued into the summer of 1844.  On July 16, Lebanon once more contacted North Stonington, to which the latter replied that she was not an inhabitant but rather belonged to the Eastern Pequot tribe.  On August 1, 1844, Lebanon notified Elias Hewitt, the tribe's state-appointed overseer of Zilpha's situation.  A week later, Hewitt traveled on horseback to settle the account and reimburse Daniel Carpenter, the town's manager of the poor house. 
The overseer records indicate that Hewitt paid Charles Arnold for keeping Zilpha from August 10th to the following February 4, 1845, when she died.  Considering that there are no Charles Arnolds living in or around North Stonington at that time but there is one living in Lebanon, it is possible that, considering the circumstances, Hewitt left her in Lebanon where she died and was buried.
The personal identity of Zilpha Nedson/Talsbury is unclear.  Lebanon's poor records indicate she called herself Zilpha Nedson, but the overseer's account gives her name as both Zilpha Talsbury and Zilpha Nedson in the payments to Arnold and Carpenter.  Since Nedson is a traditional Eastern Pequot family name and Talsbury is not, and the fact that Hewitt reimbursed Lebanon for Zilpha's expenses, it is likely that Nedson is a birth name and Talsbury is one gained by marriage.
In that case, she could have been the wife of John Talsbury of Stonington, Connecticut.  The couple had at least one son, Asa, possibly Ethan as well.  John appeared in the town's 1790 census with five in his household.  Nine years later, Asa (bc. 1784) was bound out to Lt. John Williams.  The following year, Zilpha was the head of a household of three.  Considering her presence in Lebanon, she may have been the Zilpha living in there in 1774, whose daughter had become lame and was boarded by Ebenezer Bacon of that town. 
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Zilpha Talsbury
February 4, 1845