Nedson, Thankful, 1787 - 1862

In November of 1838 Eastern Pequot Thankful Nedson served as a witness in the case of the State of Connecticut versus Williams. A year later she was a signatory, along with nine others from the community, on an 1839 petition seeking to replace the current state appointed overseer of the Eastern Pequot Tribe, Ezra Hewitt, with Deacon Charles Wheeler. 
Thankful Nedson may have been the mother of Eastern Pequot, Leonard Nedson, alias Leonard Brown.  Living in Stonington at the time, they both served as witnesses in the June 1846 case of the State of Connecticut versus Mark Daniel Babcock, a Western Pequot.  The state appointed overseer for the Eastern Pequot Indians, Elias Hewitt, was contacted in March of 1850 by the Town of Stonington about compensation for the care of Thankful Nedson and Leonard Brown. Thankful died on February 1, 1862 at the age of 75.  Her death record indicated that she was born in Stonington and died a widow of old age.  
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c. 1787
February 1, 1862