Adams Mossuck, Pually, - 1868

Pually Adams was the daughter of Solomon Adams (Quinnipiac-Wangunk-Tunxis) and Olive Occom (Mohegan), and the wife of a Tunxis man named Mossuck.   Born in Farmington, Connecticut, she later resided in Marshall, Wisconsin.  She was an active member of the community, retaining her Native language and being known for her exceptional wood splint baskets and beadings. 

For a number of years, Pually sought to settle interests in her family's land in Connecticut.  In 1844, she and other Brothertown from Mohegan, as descendants from Samson Occom, successfully petitioned the State of Connecticut for the sale of their shares in the Occom lot at Montville, Connecticut.  From 1846 to 1847 she purchased parcels of land from a number of Occom's heirs, Nelson Paul, Avery L. Sampson, George W. Samson.   In 1850, she and others asked the Connecticut legislature for permission to sell their Mohegan land investments.   In her later years, she removed to Montville, Connecticut where she died at the age of 89.  Her obituary indicated that she was the last of Samson Occom's grandchildren.  She left several descendants, Caroline and David Jones and Mary Taylor.

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c. 1779
September 24, 1868