McCarty, Francis

Francis McCarty was a man of Color who was living in Preston, Connecticut in 1840.  His household then was comprised of seven individuals: one male, presumably Mccarty, aged 36 - 54, his wife aged 24 - 35, and five children (three boys and two girls) under 10. Two of the household were employed in agriculture. 
McCarty may have been doing some work on the Eastern Pequot reservation, for in the summer of 1841, he received two hay rakes and some corn. At other times he provided services to the tribe. From March 1841 to, at least, January 1844, McCarty kept one of Eunice Waug's children at his house.  Most likely, he was the Frank, who was paid to take a horse and wagon to deliver Cyrus Shelly's coffin.
Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 249. Federal Enumeration of Connecticut (Preston, 1840), Ancestry. Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

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