Mayhew, Zechariah, 1718 - 1806

Reverend Zechariah Mayhew was the son of Rev. Experience Mayhew and Remember Bourne.  He served as a missionary to the Natives at Gay Head, Massachusetts, supported by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Zechariah was the fourth generation of the Mayhew family to minister to the Martha's Vineyard Indians.  In 1775, he received several hundred acres of land from the Province as reimbursement for work on the Vineyard.  Twelve years later, a number of Native residents of Gay Head, led by Zechariah Howwaswee, pulled down his fences, erected a wigwam on the land, and prohibited him from preaching to their community.   Mandell, Tribe, Race, History, 87.

May 17, 1718
March 6,1806