Matthews, Henry , 1818 - 1904

Henry Matthews was the son of Charles Matthews (Narragansett) and Dinah Hoscott (Mohegan).  He married Mercy Ann Nonesuch on March 30, 1846, in East Lyme, Connecticut.  They had three daughters, Adeline Champlin, Delana E., and Ella Louise, Matthews, and a son, Charles Henry Matthews.  He and his family lived on the Mohegan reservation where he worked as a farmer and stone cutter.  According to a reporter who interviewed him c. 1870, their home was a moderately-sized end-frame with comfortable furnishings, plants, and a picture of Samson Occom.  Henry made baskets for the annual Wigwam Festival and in 1903 served as a Mohegan leader.  He died at Montville on February 10, 1904. A Mohegan Genealogy by Niyayodqj, Ancestry. Mandell, Tribe, Race, History, 143. Eva L. Butler, "Some Early Indian Basket Makers of Southern New England," in Frank Speck, Eastern Algonquian Block-Stamp Decoration (Trenton, NJ: The Archeological Society of New Jersey, 1947), 43.

February 10, 1904