Massasoit, - 1661

Born near Motaup (Mount Hope) in present-day Rhode Island, Massasoit (Ousameequan/Yellow Feather) was a member of the Wampanoag Pokanoket community, who became grand sachem of the Wampanoag people in the time of great epidemics that swept through most of Southern New England.  He fathered at least five children: Wamsutta (Alexander), Metacom (Philip), Sonkanuhoo, Amie, and an unnamed daughter.  In early 1621, Massasoit entered into an alliance with a group of English Separatists at the settler village in Plymouth, Massachusetts in an effort to counter his enemies, the Narragansetts, and protect Wampanoag sovereignty.   With a policy of peace and alliance, Massasoit advocated pro-English interests throughout his life.  ODNB.  ANBO.

Yellow Feather
c. 1600