Lathrop, Thomas, - 1675

Thomas Lathrop emigrated from England to Salem, Massachusetts and later removed to Beverly.  He served as representative to the Massachusetts General Court in 1647, 1653, and 1664.  Lieutenant of the town’s train band, he rose to be captain of the Artillery Company.  Lathrop was a veteran of the Pequot War and saw service at Port Royal in 1654-5.  During King Philip’s War, he commanded a company from Essex County that marched to Brookfield, Massachusetts in August of 1675 and to Deerfield and Hadley later that September.  Lathrop and many of the men in his company were killed at the Battle of Bloody Brook on September 18, 1675.  George Madison Bodge, Soldiers in King Philip’s War, 133-137.

September 18, 1675