Judd, William, 1698 - 1751

William Judd was born in Farmington, Connecticut, in 1698 or 1699, the eldest child of John and Rachael Judd. He married Ruth Lee, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Lee, on March 14, 1723. In the Tunxis Indian petition to the Connecticut General Court in 1738, he and other Farmington residents were accused of encroaching on Indian land. He died in Farmington on Sept, 1, 1751. American Historical Society, Encyclopedia of Connecticut Biography, Genealogical-Memorial; Representative Citizens (4 vols., Boston and New York: American historical Society, 1917), vol. 4, 197; William Richard Cutter, New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial; A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of Commonwealths and the Founding of a Nation (4 vols., New York, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1913), vol. 3, 1217.
1698 or 1699
Sept. 1, 1751