Johnson, Zachary, 1687 - 1787

Zachary (or Zachariah) Johnson was a Mohegan tribal counselor to Ben Uncas II and Ben Uncas III and an ardent supporter of their pro-Connecticut government politics. After the abolishment of the Mohegan sachemship, Johnson acted as regent for those Mohegans living at Ben's Town near Norwich, Connecticut.   His wife was Martha Obed.  The couple had at least one child and were basket makers. Zachary died in his wigwam at Pomachaug in mid-September 1787. Love, Samson Occom, 349.  Hartford Courant, September 17, 1787, p. 3.  Eva L. Butler, "Some Early Indian Basket Makers of Southern New England," in Frank Speck, Eastern Algonquian Block-Stamp Decoration (Trenton, NJ: The Archeological Society of New Jersey, 1947), 43
c. 1687