Jeffrey, George

George Jeffrey was the son of Joseph Jeffrey, a prominent Narragansett, and by 1738 the husband of a woman named Eunice.   The couple had at least four children: Joseph, George, Sarah, and Phebe. The  family lived along the western boundary of the Powers farm and next to the land of Philip Occuish in Lyme, Connecticut.  It is unclear when Jeffrey first appeared in Connecticut.  In 1741, several of the Jeffrey children were baptized at Old Lyme First Church.  Ten years later he began to purchase property at Lyme, west of the Indian land there.  He added to those eighteen acres in 1754 with ten more.  Jeffrey also owned land in the community's hunting territory or Gungy tract of northeast Lyme.  After his death, Eunice and her two daughters sold part of the land to George Jeffrey, II.  The property included land, a house, and an orchard.  The following year, Sarah Jeffrey sold more of her inheritance to her brother.  Welch, And They Were Related, Too, 26, 27.  John Pfeiffer, "Post-Contact Populations on the Nehantic Reservation of Lyme, Connecticut," Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Connecticut 59 (1996): 75.  Lyme LR 9:9-10, Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 209.

c. 1718
Before 1767