Irish, George, 1786 - 1869

George Irish (October 1, 1786-April 19, 1869) was the son of Benjamin and Martha Irish of Newport, Rhode Island, and the husband of Betsy Babcock of Potter Hill, Rhode Island.  When he was young, Irish learned blacksmithing from his future father-in-law, Daniel Babcock.  He later became a farmer on a hired farm in North Stonington. In 1815, he let some of his cattle out in the Eastern Pequot Indian Town pasture. Sometime after 1826, he and his family removed to Hopkinton, Rhode Island.  Irish died in Ashaway at 83 years old.  Stephen Babcock, Babcock Genealogy (New York: Eaton and Mains, 1903), 194.

October 1, 1786
April 19, 1869