Holmes, David, 1792 - 1857

David Holmes was a cabinet maker from North Stonington, Connecticut.  According to a petition submitted to the Connecticut General Assembly, he resided in or near the village of Miltown in 1845.  Holmes was hired to build coffins for the Eastern Pequot including Bridget Fagins (1835), Prudence Fagins (1828), Sarah Pomp and Wealthy Nedson's child (1841), Moses Brushell (1843), Lemuel Shelly (1845), and Nedson child (1847)
Find A Grave (Wheeler Cemetery #62, North Stonington, CT).  Federal Enumeration of Connecticut (Stonington, CT), Ancestry.  Acts and Resolutions (Connecticut, 1845), 29. Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

December 2, 1792
September 14, 1857