Hewitt, Elias, Sr., 1764 - 1828

Elias Hewitt (August 27, 1764-July 18, 1828) was the son of Rufus Hewitt and Abigail Frink of Stonington, Connecticut, and the husband of Anna Hull.  Their children were Elias, Jr., Nancy,  Ezra, Lydia, John, and Gurdon.  The family lived in Stonington, where Hewitt, a farmer, was active in civic affairs.  He was a selectman (1807-1818) and a representative to the General Assembly in 1808.  Wheeler, History of Stonington, 422. Virginia Hewitt Watterson, Descendants of Captain Thomas Hewitt of Stonington, Conn. (Carlsbad, CA: W. H. Watterson, 1966), 72-3.

August 27, 1764
July 18, 1828