Gardner, Molly, - 1849

Not much is known about Molly Gardiner.  She first appears in the Eastern Pequot overseer's account books in 1845 as getting a pair of shoes and being kept by Harry Gardiner and Mrs. Walker.  The following two years she received wood and food supplies.  The overseer also paid the expense of moving her back to Harry's house.  How long she stayed there is unknown. Molly took sick in July 1858.  Her illness worsened from September to December, enough so that she was confined to her bed most of the time.  Two people were needed to take care of her.  She was moved one more time Harry's, where she died in February.

Given Harry Gardiner's involvement with Molly, it is most likely there was a family relationship.  She was most likely his sister or daughter. Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

February 1849