Fowler, David, 1735 - 1807

David Fowler was the son of James and Elizabeth Fowler of Montauk, New York.  He studied at Moor's Indian Charity School from 1759 to 1765, after which he became a licensed schoolmaster.  Fowler then taught at Oneida, Kanawalohale, and Montauk.

He married Hannah Garrett, a Pequot woman, in 1766 and had the following children: David, Hannah, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Lurheana, Mary, James, Jacob, and Rhodolphus.

Fowler was a leading figure in the Brothertown Movement.  He was one of the principal negotiators with the Oneida for the new tribe's land base.  He and his family were among the first to settle there. At Brothertown, Fowler settled on lots 105 and 119 and held the position of tribal trustee (1785) and senior peacemaker (1796-1807).

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March 31, 1807