Crosley, Lureanett, 1807 - 1854

Lureanett Crosley was born in 1807, the daughter of Thomas Crosley and Dimiss Occuish, Brothertown Indians of Pequot and Niantic  descent, respectively. She married Alonzo Dick, a Brothertown Indian prominent in tribal affairs and together they had five children.  In 1844 she wrote to the overseer of the Niantic Tribe seeking funds from the sale of tribal lands.  Five years later she and three other Brothertown Indians of Niantic descent unsuccessfully petitioned the State of Connecticut for the right to sell their interests in tribal lands.  Lureanett died September 12, 1854 at the age of 46. De Loss Love, Samson Occom, pp. 340, 342; Letter from Lurea Dick to the Superintendent of the Niantic Tribe; Rejected Bills, Connecticut General Assembly, Box 2, folder 14.
September 12, 1854