Chickheag I

Chickheag was a member of a significant Native family from the Sasqua-Aspetuck-Pequonnock communities.  He had at least three children, Sam, Queroheage, and a daughter whose name is yet recovered.  Chickheag's name appears on several Aspetuck and Sasqua deeds from 1672 to 1684.  In 1683 and 1692 he signed deeds in Westchester County, New York, where his daughter and her husband resided. 

Stuart A. Reeve, David Silverglade, and Kathleen Von Jena, “The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Frontiers and Cultural Brokers: Examples from Easton and Redding, Connecticut,” Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Connecticut (2011) 73: 70

Chickens I
c. 1650
After 1692