Cassasinamon, Robin, - 1692

Born into a Pequot family of position before the Pequot War, Robin Cassasinamon was among those Pequot post-war survivors who were assigned to Uncas under the terms of the Treaty of Hartford (1638).  He later became the servant and guide of John Winthrop, Jr., while still retaining a position of authority among the Pequots.  In 1647 he penned a complaint against Uncas on behalf of his group of Pequots and requested that they be put under English government.  In 1655, the Commissioners of the United Colonies created a number of Indian towns in Connecticut and appointed him governor over those Pequot at Nameaug and Naweack, and in that capacity he oversaw the administration of colonial laws for Indians there.  During King Philip's War, the Connecticut General Assembly commended him for his good services to the colony.  He is recognized by the modern Mashantucket Pequot as their ancestors' first post-war leader.  Acts of the Commissioners of the United Colonies; The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut.
before 1630