Brushell, Lucinda, 1790 - 1830

Lucinda Brushell was a member of the Eastern Pequot community at Lantern Hill in Stonington, Connecticut.  Not much is know about her until the last year of her life. She received clothing supplies, pork, corn, rice, butter, meal, and molasses from the tribe's overseer in 1828.  In November of that year, money was also spent for iron and chains, presumably to restrain her during a fit of insanity. 
Whatever the underlying cause of this illness was, Lucinda died the following January 30, 1830, at age 40.  Moses Brushell received payment for taking care of her for twelve weeks while she was sick.  With the closeness of their birth years, she may have been his sister, a sister-in-law, or wife.  There is also a possibility that she was Lucinda Gardner, the sister of Harry Gardner, especially given that Harry boarded Moses at one time.
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January 30, 1830