Browning, John Hazard, 1801 - 1877

John Hazard Browning (July 21, 1801- March 21, 1877) was the son of William T. Browning and Catharine Morey of North Stonington, Connecticut and the husband of Eliza Smith Hull.  As a young man, he owned a general store at Middletown, North Stonington, Connecticut, that sold yarns, produce, and merchandise.  By 1830, Browning moved his store to New London and three years later removed the wholesale dry goods establishment to New York City.  During the gold rush, he established a store in San Francisco.  He later moved to the South, where he died in 1877.  Henry Hall, ed., America's Successful Men of Affairs: An Encyclopedia of Contemporaneous Biography, Vol. 1 (New York, NY: The New York Tribute, 1895), 117-118.  Image, ibid, 116.

July 21, 1801
March 21, 1877)