Billings, Stephen, 1781 - 1850

Colonel Stephen Billings (September 25, 1781-August 15, 1850) was the son of Sergeant Stephen Billings and Cynthia Hewitt of North Groton, Connecticut.  He served in Brigadier General William Williams' Third Brigade as an ensign in Cogwell's 8th Regiment.  Billings was promoted two years later to lieutenant in the under Cogswell (1810) and served in the same capacity under Belcher's command of the regiment the following year and during the War of 1812-15.  He later lead the 8th Regiment, which one historical source, claimed, "attained the height of prosperity" under him.  "he was of commanding person, a graceful rider, and said to have a voice as resonant as Mars." 
The Connecticut General Assembly appointed Billings to be one of the overseers of the Western Pequot in its May session 1819.  He appeared in Ledyard's census records as being engaged in agriculture.  In 1850, the census listed him and his wife Martha Allyn, his occupation, a farmer, with real estate estimated at $6700.  Billings died shortly thereafter.
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September 25, 1781
August 15, 1850