Ashbow, Samuel, Jr., 1748 - 1775

Samuel Ashbow, Jr. was one of the sons of the Reverend Samuel Ashbow and Hannah Mamanash.  At the time of his death, he was married to a woman named Jerusha and had at least one son, Joshua Ashbow, who was born in 1773.  Samuel’s name appears on a list of men, women, and children belonging to the Mohegan tribe in 1771 and 1774.  He and his brother John enlisted into Captain John Durkee’s 3rd Company of Israel Putnam’s 3rd Connecticut Regiment.  Samuel was killed during a British attack on the American redoubt the Battle of Breed’s Hill and became the first Native American to die in the American Revolution.  Most likely he was buried on the Charlestown peninsular in a mass grave of the 400 American casualties.   Connecticut Military Record, 58; Quintal, Patriots of Color, 54. 

June 17, 1775