Abner, James, - 1828

James Abner was probably one of the six children of Abner, a Pequot Indian listed in March of 1762 as residing in a wigwam on the Mashantucket reservation in what was then Groton, present-day Ledyard, Connecticut.  Two years later, he served in Captain John Tyler's Third Company of Israel Putnam's Battalion during the French and Indian War.

By 1788, James and Mary lived in the Eastern Pequot community on the reservation adjacent to Lantern Hill in present-day North Stonington.  In that year, the couple, along with nearly thirty others of the tribe, signed a petition to the Connecticut General Assembly asking for new overseers, the office being empty for several years prior.  James and Mary had at least one son, Randall Abner, who was born in 1789 in Stonington.  Randall later participated in the Brothertown removal. 

It is possible that James also removed to Brothertown, New York as there is a significant gap in the documentary record from 1788 until he re-emerged in the records of the Eastern Pequot Overseer in October of 1827.  Abner may have been part of the New England Indian contingent that returned to their respective communities once the Brothertown community in New York began to falter. He took ill in October of 1828 and, despite the care that he received from other members of the Eastern Pequot community, James Abner died later that month. He was in his 80's.

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Before 1748
October 1828