This writing witnesseth that Uncas, Sachem of Mohegan, in behalf of himself and people of Mohegan and Niantic do hereby engage him and them to Arramanet, Seacut, Nesahegen, gentlemen of Connecticut in behalf of the Indian people at Windsor, Podunk, Hartford, that they will carry it peaceably and neighborly towards them and the aforesaid Indians, and that they will not either secretly or publicly contrive or practice any evil or mischief against them.  And the a

Sowheage, - 1649

Son of the grandsachem Altarbaenhoot, Sowheage was sachem of the Wangunk, Mattabesecs, and the Connecticut River Indians in the early seventeenth century.  Marriages to several women from neighboring tribes formed a cohesive alliance of Connecticut River and Southwestern Connecticut shoreline tribes.  His eldest son was Sequassen, sachem of Suckiog; his eldest daughter was Warwarme (Wawaloam), one of the wives of Miantonomo.  His other children were Sepunnamo, Seacut, Turramuggus, Monotwese, and Wesumpsha.