Uncas’ right was derived to him by marring the daughter of Sebequenish who dwelt Hammonasset.  The above agreement was confirmed by deed January 13, 1663 by Uncas and his son, Ahaddon, Sebequanash’s grandson, unto William Leete and Samuel Kitchel in consideration of an Indian coat and shirt cloth to the value of forty shillings, together with remainder that lays between the East River and Hammonasset, except part which was sold by said Uncas long since to Mr. Phoenix and by Mr. Phoenix given Mr.


Piambow was a Christianized Nipmuck, second in leadership to Waban.  He became a ruling elder and preacher at Hassanamesit and was confined to Deer Island during King Philip’s War.  After the war, he was a leader at Natick.  Among his grandchildren were a woman named Deborah and a man named Edward David.  Daniel Mandell, Beyond the Frontier, 32-32. Massachusetts Archives.