Smith, Earl, 1894 -

William Earl Smith was born in Westminster, Maryland on February 27, 1894.  He married Phoebe Sebastian, an Eastern Pequot woman, and raised a family in Hartford, Connecticut, where he worked as a janitor, a government employee in the WPA, and an actor. U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942, Ancestry. Federal Enumeration of Connecticut (Hartford, 1930, 1940), Ancestry. Obituary of Phone Smith, Hartford Courant.

Jackson, Henry, - 1898

Henry Jackson, also known as Henry Orchard, was the son of Simeon Orchard and Rosanna Wheeler of Stonington, Connecticut.   He married Rachel Hoxie Ned Anderson on March 26, 1862.
In 1870, Jackson was the head of a household that included his wife, stepton Isaac and five more children from his marriage with Rachel, Fannie, Jennie, Phebe, Lydia, and Henry (William Henry).  Henry, Sr. and Isaac were farmhands, while Rachel took care of the household.

Jackson, Isaac, 1809 -

Isaac Jackson was the son of James Jackson and Elsie Prince of Groton, Connecticut.  In 1847, he and his brother George were accused of the murder of Edward Nedson, an Eastern Pequot.  Isaac was aquitted of the charges but George was found guilty.  In 1867, Isaac was found to be incompetent, and a conservator was appointed to manage his affairs.

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Jackson, James

James Jackson was the husband of Elsie Prince.  In 1805, his mother-in-law, Phoebe Prince, deeded land in Groton, Connecticut to him, and there Jackson and Elsie raised their sons -- Isaac, George, and Erastus.  A family of four appears as his household in the 1830 Groton census.  Jackson died between 1837 and 1847.
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