Grant of Land from James, Sachem of Quinnebaug, to John Winthrop

James, sachem of Quinebaug, his grant of land to John Winthrop, Esq.

Know all men by these presents that I, James, the Sachem of Quinebaug, in consideration of the great friendship formerly from Mr. Winthrop, sometime governor of the Massachusetts, and desire of continuance of the same with his son1 now residing at Pequot, and considering that he hath erected a saw mill at Pequot, a work very useful both to the English and Indians for the supply whereof, I conceive I have swamps of timber very convenient, and for divers other causes and considerations me thereunto moving, I, the said James, do of mine own free and voluntary will and motion, give, grant, bargain and sell to Mr. John Winthrop of Pequot all my land at Pautusket upon the river that cometh from Quinebaug and runneth down towards Mohegan and toward the Plantation of Pequot into the sea, the bounds thereof to be from the present place of the Indians planting grounds at Quinebaug where James’ fort is on a hill2 to the said Pautuskett and so down toward Shetucket so far as the right of the said James doth reach, or any of his men, and so far on both sides of the river as the right of the said James doth reach or the right of any of his men, with all the meadow, swamps and other land , and all the swamps of cedar, pine, spruce or any other timber fit for sawing and all other timber and wood whatsoever together with the place where the marcasite stones3 that Moas found.

To have and to hold to the said John Winthrop and his heirs forever,

Witness my hand this 2nd of November, 1653

The mark                 of James

            Witness:            Witnesses hereunto      Richard Smith

                                                                        Samuel Smith

                                              The mark  TB  of Thomas Bailey

            Notation:         Number 1 / Number 1 / Indian Deed to Governor Winthrop, November 2, 1653

            Copy:               A true copy from the Public Records of the State of Connecticut / Examined

                                    by George Wyllys, Secretary

     Cataloguing:  Quinebaug / 1653 November 2 / (Copy)4

  • 1. John Winthrop, 1606-1676
  • 2. This is likely referring to Egunk Hill.
  • 3. The stones in question were likely iron pyrite used as gemstone in jewelery.
  • 4. Written in pencil