Letter of Thomas Welles to the Massachusetts Council

Honored Sir,                                                                 

My due respect promised hoping of your health.  The occasion of my writing unto you at this present is concerning a complaint of Uncas against Quinebaug (Indians who live under your protection) that have committed an outrage and robbery upon Nipmuc Indians, who are his friends and whom he is engaged as he is able to protect and defend.  But being desirous to hold correspondence with the English and not to displease them, his desire is that the English would cause the said Indians to make satisfaction for the damages done.  Our desire therefore is that you would be pleased to call the Indians to account that did the wrong, and cause satisfaction to be speedily made according to justice and righteousness, as you shall find the case requireth, that Uncas may not be put upon a course of revenge.  It may to you shall find that the Narragansetts and others in confederation with them may be willing to pick a quarrel, and to break former agreements.  We are informed they are also going out against the Indians on Martin’s Vineyard.1 His proud spirit had need to be restrained. I desire you would return a word by this bearer what you conceive will be done in this case, that Uncas may be stayed from revenging the wrong.  He is yet cordial to the English and observeth his covenants, and it is desired that the English would be that to him.  I was desired by other of our magistrates to acquaint your worship with the premises, and so leave that to your wise consideration, committing you and your to the protection of the Almighty, and rest.

Your servant

Thomas Wells

April 11, 1654                                    

            Post script:      I hope you will speedily acquaint the council with the premises, lest delay may prove very inconvenient.  Indians are earnest of revenge.

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  • 1. This is an alternate name for Martha's Vineyard in usage until the 18th century.