Summons of Sabyanatoosit

Sabyanatoosit, you are in his majesty’s name required to make your personal appearance at Hartford before the governor and magistrates on Tuesday next being the 23rd of this instant January then and there to give in your evidence respecting a complaint made by Cassasinamon against Uncas concerning the prisoner Moweem.  Hereof fail not as you will answer the contrary.

Stonington, the 17th of January, 1671/2, per us

Thomas Minor     

Thomas Stanton


For Cassasinamon to serve

Sabyanatoosit came to me and doth affirm that he did not hear Uncas say anything to encourage Ninigret to revenge himself on the Pequot Indians in reference to Moweem who is imprisoned at Hartford for murder.  He sayeth what was said by Uncas was in discourse expressing his fears that he did doubt the Narragansetts would revenge Moweem’s death if he should be hanged and that Uncas did not say, “Ninigret you are a great sachem.  Why do not you come and rescue your man Moweem out of the Pequot’s hands?”  He sayeth also Uncas did show the reason why he did fear a revenge, first from a Narragansett Indian in company with Long Island sachems shot of a pistol but hurt none upon which the Long Island sachem had him apprehended and executed.  The Narragansett made war upon them for it and Ninigret’s saying that he was Moweem’s.  No more nor no other words nor thing he can witness.

Thomas Stanton, Commissioner

Cataloguing:  52a-b, 57