Examination of John Pagatoon

July 13, 1723 by virtue of a hue and cry John Pagatoon and Sarah, his squaw, was arrested at the complaint and suit of Thomas Reeves,[3] Southhold on Long Island which Reeves claims said Pagatoon and his squaw to be his servants and run from him and they are now brought upon examination on the said Reeves’ complaint.

Question: John Pagatoon, are you this Thomas Reeves’ servant?

Answer: He paid so much money for me.

Question: How much?

Answer: A little better than thirty pounds.

Question:  Why did Reeves pay so much for you? 

Answer:  I owed another man so much and he has answered it for me to that man and I promised to serve him for it.  And further the said Pagatoon saith he bought him of another man to whom he was bound by indenture and said Reeve bought the indentures and gave for him 100 gallons of rum and 100 gallons of molasses. 

Question: How long did you serve Reeves before you left him? 

Answer:  I came to him, I believe, about planting time last year and came away from him on the fifteenth

day of March last and he believed he had but about four years and half to serve said Thomas Reeves.

It appearing by said Pagatoon and his wife, Sarah, that if said Reeves claim to him and charge laid against said John Patagoon of running from him is true and therefore the assistant considers that the said John Patagoon shall return to his master Thomas Reeves and further shall pay to said Reeves in service all just cost and charge that said Reeves hath been at in procuring of him or bringing of him before said assistant or otherways be committed to the county jail in this County of Hartford until the county court to be holden at Hartford on the first Tuesday in November next that the matter may be inquired further into by said court and further determined by said county court and the said Reeves is ordered to pay to Timothy Bigelow for arresting the said John Pagatoon and Sarah, his wife, and bringing them before this court and waiting on said court but said Bigelow disclaimed any cost in said matter or account and said he had a right to a certain part in the Indians.

Joseph Talcott, Assistant

Joseph Bigelow of Hartford personally appeared and laid claim to said John Pagatoon and Sarah, Indians, and their child, Samson, and enters an Appeal from the above judgment and acknowledged himself bound to the treasurer of the County of Hartford in a recog:  £50ll current money of this colony that he will prosecute his appeal at the county court to be holden in Hartford on the first Tuesday in November next and answer all damages in case he make not his plea good.

Before me, Joseph Talcott, Assistant

Notation:         Concerning Jonathan, Indian / Bigelow

            Copy:               A true copy on file / Examined per Hezekiah Wyllys,[10] Clerk