Certificate concerning John Stother's Wicked Course

These may certify that we John Stebbins, Daniel Stebbins, Joseph Waterhouse, and Hannah Waterhouse have known John Stoddard from his beginning to the time of his commitment and that he hath always been a most terrible wicked boy, very much indicted to curse and swear bitter oaths and likewise to lie and steal, both from English and Indians,  and a very vile, stubborn, rebellious child to his parents,  often running away from them.  In so much that his father and mother both often said they thought he would come to the gallows and be hanged.  He was so desperate, wicked and cunning to do all manner of mischief that they and we never expected good of him.  And whereas it is conceived by some who know him not that he is a silly boy, we know the contrary; for he is a cunning, crafty boy and subtle in all his practices.  In so much that had we not known him well, we might have been of their opinions.  To the truth hereof we are ready to attest if need require as witness.

Further, if need require, there may be much more said in this report and many more that can attest the same.

Our hands, October 3, 1678

John Stebbins

Daniel Stebbins

Joseph Waterhouse, his mark

I, Joseph Waterhouse, do further know that he, at several times, attempted to kill several.  Once he

would have shot him in the field, if his brother would have fetched the gun.  He swore bitterly so that

Joseph Bolles declared, being then present, that he never saw or heard the like of any before.

New London, October 3, 1678


The mark of Joseph Waterhouse

            Notation:         Certificate concerning John Stoddard’s wicked course

October 3, 1678

Cataloguing:  114, 114a, 127a