Report of Committee on Mohegan Affair

To the honorable General Assembly now sitting in New Haven

We, your honor’s committee, appointed to consider what further preparations are necessary to be made relative to the Mohegan cause now depending before his majesty in council, beg leave to report that we apprehend it necessary and expedient that his honor, the governor, be desired with all convenient dispatch to procure a copy of the deed from John Mason to William Pitkin, Esq., etc., dated January 1711 relative to the Mohegan lands as also a copy of the committee return at Boston 1663 pursuant to the appointment of the commissioner to enquire into the title of the Pequots to those lands, also the depositions of Thomas Stanton, Mr. Higginson Hull, Knap Sherwood with sundry Indian testimonies respecting the conquest of the Pequots and surrender of the lands to the English as also such copies from the commissioner’s Book of Records with such other testimonies as his honor, the governor, shall judge proper to show, the complete conquest of the Pequot nation with some general account of the manner in which it was obtained, the part Uncas and his men bore in that service, the numbers of them that attended,  how they withdrew at the principal engagement by which the conquest was obtained, that the Mohegans were not known at that time and the Narragansett and River Indians were never any part of the Mohegans, but that those now called Mohegans are descended from the Pequot nation, that the English had an early claim that their proceedings with the Mohegans was equitable and kind and the lands they ever had any proper claim to were a mere gratuity from the English as also to show the inconsistency of Mason guardianship and that the papers he properly authenticated and transmitted to Mr. Agent Johnson with such remarks as his honor shall judge proper in which it may be well to mention the exten[t] of the Indian’s deed to East Haddam beyond the boundaries of that that township, that the book containing a narrative of the above cause be sent for and the affair be forthwith proceeded upon and pursued with all the dispatch the public business will admit and that his honor take such assistance as will be necessary that no time be lost, all which is submitted by your honor’s humble servants.

Signed per order,

Matthew Griswold

Legislative Action:             In the Lower House, the foregoing report of the committee being read and

                                    considered, is accepted and approved/Test William Williams, Clerk

                                    Concurred in the Upper House/Test George Wyllys, Secretary

Report of committee on Mohegan affair/October 1770/Passed Lower House/Passed Upper House 21 A.M.

            Cataloguing:  1770 October

Connecticut General Assembly