Act Allowing Captain Mason to Live at Mohegan

At a General Assembly holden at New Haven, October 10, 1723

Upon the petition of Captain John Mason of Stonington, this Court, in consideration of the respect justly due to the name of his ancestors and of the great trust the Mohegan Indians have had in them, as they have now in him, who has a great acquaintance with their language and manners and may, in that respect, as well as others, be of great use and service in endeavoring both to civilize and Christianize them, as well as to preserve them quiet in the enjoyment of those lands which, pursuant to the acts and orders of this Court, are settled upon the said Indians and established for their use forever, which lands are being and lying in the Township of New London at Mohegan, do thereupon grant and allow that the said Captain Mason, by and with the consent and good liking of said Indians, take up his residence and habitation among them and shall have liberty to improve any part of the said land in building, plowing, and pasturing,1 provided the said Indians are freely willing and consenting to his so doing and the care of the said Indians to protect them from wrongs, to set up a school among them, and acquaint them in the Christian religion is hereby recommended to him.

            Notation:          Act allowing Captain Mason to live at Mohegan

            Copy:               A true copy of record, examined per George Wyllys, Secretary

            Cataloguing:    153


  • 1. Planting was crossed out in the original.