Order to Establish Religion and Minister on Mohegan Lands

At a General Assembly holden at New Haven, October 8,1719

This Assembly, having heard the report of James Wadsworth, Esq., and Captain John Hall, who with Mr. Hooker were appointed commissioners by an act of the General Assembly in October last, they, or any two of them, to inspect the state of the Mohegan Indians in the bounds of New London and of the lands commonly called Sequestered Lands, lying in the same town, do thereupon order the said committee, or any two of them, to visit the inhabitants living on said lands, formerly appointed by the Court to be a parish, and advise them, in the best manner they can, to the settling of the worship of God in that parish, which has been so long wanted and which might prove a great blessing both to the English and Indians living in said parish, and it is hereby particularly recommended to the said committee, or any two of them, that in the settling of a minister there, they endeavor one should be procured, if possible, who may be under the properest qualifications for the conversion of the Indians to the faith of Christ and for the civilizing of them, and the said committee, or any two of them, are also hereby directed that in prosecution of the powers granted them by the aforesaid act, they do in the behalf of this Assembly take the said Indians under their guardianship and endeavor to make such settlement of suitable persons by leases on the lands reserved for the Indians’ use for a convenient number of years, as may secure the Indians’ fields, which leases they shall grant in their own names as a committee appointed by this Assembly to be guardians of the said Indians, as also in every respect to execute the powers granted them by the aforesaid act and by the directions and orders thus given them, provided, nevertheless, that in all these things, nothing shall be done that may bring any charge upon the government, but that the whole charge be supported out of the profit of said lands, saving that nothing in this act shall intend to enable said committee to act upon the law of forcible entry.  Also provided that

the said committee, or any two or them, giving notice to the Towns of Norwich and New London to attend the said service, do renew the bounds of the said Sequestered Lands, according to Court grants between the said lands and the said Towns, provided also that this shall be done without any charge to the government.

            Notation:          October 1719

            Copy:               A true copy of record,  examined per Hezekiah Wyllys, Secretary. 

                                    Colonel Hezekiah Whiting / Q

            Cataloguing:    89a, 89b, 113