Memorandum regarding Sachemdom of Ben Uncas


New London, July 9, 1726                  

This day the several Indians hereafter named, belonging to the Mohegans, viz. Mahawant,Awemusecum, Wompaneage, James and Joseph Weebucks, with Ben Uncas, all appeared before me and informed me that they were poor and under low circumstances and doubted whether they should be able to have a convention of the Indians at Mohegan to choose a sachem, or chief captain, in the room of Ben Uncas, deceased,  and therefore, desired me to enter it as a memorandum in writing that it was the mind of the Mohegan Indians, both old and young, all that they had, had opportunity to talk with about it, that Ben Uncas, who is now living, should succeed his father as their headman or chief captain, and that they designed to signify the same to the General Assembly in October next for their approbation.

C. Christophers, Assistant

            Notation:          Sachem Mohegan

            Cataloguing:    127, 155