Vote of New London Committee regarding Mohegan Lands

A Town Meeting held February 3, 1717/18

Voted that Captain James Rogers, Captain Robert Lattimore, Lieutenant John Richards, Mr. Joshua Hempstead, and Mr. Jeremiah Chapman are chosen agents or attorneys for the town to settle the bounds of the town between New London and Lyme and between New London and Norwich and between New London and Colchester, and that the said agents or attorneys shall be fully empowered to act and manage the town business respecting the Mohegan lands, and shall go with the gentlemen that are appointed by the General

Assembly to make an inspection into the state of the Mohegan lands, and the said agents shall do their utmost to maintain and vindicate the town’s right to said lands, any three of them to act in all these affairs,

            Notation:          New London Committee / Power

                                    New London Committee

            Copy:               A true copy of the record, examined per Edward Hallam,Recorder

            Cataloguing:    220, 287