Report by Committee of General Assembly regarding Parcel of Land in Lyme


May 18, 1671             

Joshua, sachem of Niantic, laying claim to a tract of land within the township, a’ being a place convenient for planting for himself and men, though it appear by the best light we can  come at both by, the  concurrent testimony of Captain Sannup, and Arramanet, Robin Cassasinamon, with sundry English that the said land, however formerly controverted was in the possession of the Pequots at the time of the English conquest and so properly belongs to the English, yet we do not take upon us to determine the controversy but do advise the town of Lyme if it be not prejudicial to their town to grant the said tract of land or what part may be convenient for the present improvement if by said Joshua be desired, provided they hold their liberty from said town till the matter be more fully determined.

Signed by order of the General Assembly by us their Committee:

John Talcott

James Richards

Thomas Stanton, Sr.

Copy:               A true copy taken out of Lyme Records, folio sixteen by me, Joseph Peck,  Recorder  Lyme August 20,  1705                                 

                        Notation:          I humbly pray that Major Mason’s account of the grounds of the Pequot War,                                               wherein he declares that the inhabitants that possessed this place begun the war                                           and were under the subjection of the Pequots may be taken notice of.  Whereby it                                     will plainly appear that these lands are conquered lands and so belong to the                                        English and not to Uncas.

                                    William Ely

            Cataloguing:    25