Act of Assembly Appointing a Committee regarding Owaneco's Complaint

At a General Assembly holden at New Haven, October 11, 1705

This Assembly doth desire the Honorable the Governor with Captain Nathan Gold, Mr. Peter Burr, the Reverend Mr. Timothy Woodbridge, and the Reverend Mr. Pierpont, Captain Cyprian Nicholls, Captain Abraham Fowler, and the Secretary, to be a committee in behalf of this government to consider of the

complaints laid against the colony in England and to furnish our agent in England with what directions or informations they can, in order to answer said complaints, His Honor with any five of them to be capable of acting in said affair.

And whereas sundry complaints are made that Owaneco and the Indians are wronged in the matter of their rights in land, said to be took from them by this government or by some particular persons.  Therefore, this Assembly doth desire and appoint said worthy gentlemen named to enquire into said supposed wrongs done and make report of what they find unto this Assembly at their next sessions.  And it is provided that if any of the above said gentlemen should not attend the work above said, then it shall be in the power of the Governor and the rest of the gentlemen present with him to call in so many other suitable persons to act with them in the room of those that are Absent.

And the said gentlemen are also desired to send to our agent what information may be necessary concerning the Court of Enquiry at Stonington.

            Notation:          Connecticut / Act of Assembly appointing committee to consider what Uncas

complains of /  October 11, 1705

Agents appoint in behalf of con / Look

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