Testimony of Robert Lord

Robert Lord of the Town of Fairfield, of lawful age, testifieth and saith that upon the 23rd day of this instant month, he being then in the Town of Stonington, his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., being newly arrived in the said town to hold a court by commission from Her Majesty upon the complaint of some persons against this government of wrong done to the Mohegan Indians, Nicholas Hallam of New London (being then in the said Town of Stonington) came to him, said Lord, and suggested to him that now he had an opportunity to make complaint to his said Excellency against this government of wrong done him in the said1 Town of Fairfield in the contest between him the Lord and Mr. John Obine of the City of New York and that the said Hallam said to him that now was his opportunity to have relief and the government of this colony would not relieve him, but if he would complain to his Excellency, said Hallam told him that he would introduce him into his presence and that he did judge that Major Palmes would be assistant to him in promoting his cause and that he would speak to him, if said Lord desired it, or words to the same import. To which said Lord replied that he would seek relief from the government of the colony.

Robert Lord

Certification:    This day Robert Lord, above named, personally appearing before me, William Pitkin, one of the Assistants of Her Majesty’s Colony of Connecticut, gave oath to the truth of his above written testimony in witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed.   William Pitkin.  New London, August 28, 1705.

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  • 1. The following text was crossed out in the original: upon occasion of a suit that had been depending of it upon occasion of a judgment recovered against him in the inferior Court Holden in the County of Fairfield for an action there depending between him