Report of Committee upon Memorial of Richard Ranney

To the Honorable General Assembly Now Sitting at Hartford in the Colony of Connecticut May in the Year of Our Lord 1758

We, the subscribers, having been by Your Honors at your sessions in October last appointed a committee upon the memorial of Richard Ranney of Newtown to enquire into the title and circumstances of certain Indian lands in Middletown in the County of Hartford wherein the said Ranney claims an entrance and to make out and ascertain to the said Ranney his part and proportion in said lands and to inquire of and concerning the other matters and things in said memorial requested.  And to report to this Assembly what we should find with our opinion thereon, did sometime in April last past repair to said Middletown, view, and consider the situation, title, and circumstances of said land and do find that in the year 1675 two pieces of land in said Middletown, the one containing in quantity 279 acres, the other twenty eight acres, were granted and duly recorded to thirteen Indians by name, who are since deceased and their descendants dispersed and few of them to be found.  That great part of said lands yet remain unimproved to the detriment of the public.  That the said Ranney is descended from Robin, one of the original proprietors of said land, and appears to be the most deserving person of any of said claimants, etc.

Whereupon, we do humbly report it as our opinion that ten acres parcel of said first-mentioned larger tract of land be set out and confirmed to the said Richard Ranney, his heirs, and assigns, viz., to begin upon the highway running near the meeting house standing on said tract of land about twenty rods eastwardly from said meeting house and to extend about twenty rods in width on said highway and running so far back northwardly as to make up said quantity of ten acres.  And also that liberty be granted to the said Richard Ranney to cultivate and improve as much of the residue of said lands adjoining to said ten acres as conveniently he can until some other of the descendants of said Indians, claimants of said land, appear and make out their claim and title to said lands and have occasion to improve the same, which is humbly submitted by your honors’ most obedient humble servants,


John Chester

Thomas Welles 

Hartford, May 29, 1758

                  Legislative Action:       In the Lower House, accepted and approved of this report.  Test, Jabez Huntington, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House. Test, George Wyllys, Secretary

                 Endorsement:               May 1758

                 Cataloguing:                135a, 135b