Act to Regulate the Sale of Alcohol

An Act for the More Effectual Preventing the Selling Strong Drink to the Mohegan Indians

Whereas, Ben Uncas, sachem of said Indians, has complained to this Assembly that notwithstanding the laws now in force to prevent selling strong drink to the Indians, there is continually much strong drink sold to the Mohegan Indians, by means whereof their estates are impoverished, their manners debauched, and themselves rendered more intractable to receive the Christian faith, for remedy whereof,

Be it enacted, etc., and it is hereby enacted and declared that all cider, rum, and other strong drink that shall hereafter (till this Assembly order otherwise) be found with any of the said Indians without the allowance of Adonijah Fitch and Abraham Avery, living in said Mohegan shall be forfeited to Our Sovereign Lord, the King, the produce of it to be improved for the good of the Mohegan Indians.  And the said Adonijah Fitch and Abraham Avery, and each of them, are hereby appointed and empowered to make search after such strong drink and to seize and secure the same and to libel against it as forfeit before any assistant justice of the peace, where the forfeit is not above forty shillings, otherwise before the county court in the County of New London.

And the said Adonijah Fitch and Abraham Avery are hereby chosen and appointed grand jurors for the County of New London, until this Assembly shall order otherwise, who shall be sworn accordingly, and they are directed especially to make diligence search after and due presentment of all breaches of the laws made to prevent the selling of strong drink to the Indians.

And be it further enacted that when any strong drink shall be seized as aforesaid in the custody of any said Indian, if such Indian or Indians shall inform of where he bought such drink and give evidence thereof, so as such vendor shall be convicted, such vendor, besides the penalties already by law established for such offense shall forfeit to such Indians twice the value of the drink seized as aforesaid and the authority, before whom such vendor is convict, shall give sentence accordingly.

This act to continue in force till the first day of May, which will be in the year 1735.

Notation:                      Act respecting Mohegan Indians / October 1733 /  Entered / No. 31

            Legislative Action:        Passed in the Lower House.  Test, John Russell, Clerk.  Passed in the

                                                Upper House.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary

            Cataloguing:                164