Appointment of Guardians of Mohegan Indians

Whereas this Assembly formerly appointed James Wadsworth and John Hall, Esqs., to be guardians to the Mohegan Indians, with power to lease out the Mohegan lands, etc., since which the said John Hall, Esq., is removed by death.  Whereupon, this Assembly do appoint Samuel Lynde, Esq., and Mr. Stephen Whittlesey to be guardians of said Indians, which guardians are hereby directed and fully empowered to inspect the carriage and manners of said Indians and use their endeavors that the said Indians be Christianized, if possible, and also encourage industry amongst them, and the said guardians shall and they are hereby empowered to lease out for a term of years such parcels of the Mohegan lands, as they shall think proper, provided there be not any charge brought on this colony by the doings of said guardians.

            Legislative Action:        Passed in the Upper House.  Test, G. Wyllys, Secretary / Concurred

with in the Lower House with this addition that James Wadsworth, Esq.,

be added to the above guardians, and that any two of them be empowered to act therein. Test, John Russell, Clerk.  Read and concurred with in the Upper House.  Test, G. Wyllys, Secretary / October 1730 /

            Cataloguing:                154, 181