Complaint of Uncas against New London Men

Hartford, October 20, 1666                                                                

The committee appointed to hear Uncas’ complaints met, before whom Uncas came and complained that New London men     him fore land they had of him upon the west side of the river up northward unto a bound marked tree that was agreed betwixt them and him by a brook called Cankitthewonk.  This was owned by James Morgan and witnessed by Major Mason.       

That the land down the river southward from that marked tree to Mamacoke was Uncas’ father’s land and so his we find witnessed by Mathew Griswold and William Waller under their hands who were appointed by the General Assembly to inquire into the matter and upon the east side his land to Acomoques, beyond which New London have about three miles which they have not satisfied for, for issue of which matter we having treated with Uncas concerning the price for rites and titles in all the said lands to be made good and firm to New London men do approve of his demand of twenty pounds in current pay and do advise the town to pay him the said sum for the establishment of a clearer title preservation of peace and preventing further trouble and charge to themselves or the country but for the rest of Uncas’ lands up the river unto Norwich bounds we do order with his own free consent  that he nor his heirs shall not sell any part of it to any person or persons whatsoever but unto New London Town and not to them neither without the consent of his people reserving a competent portion to plant upon so to remain for him his heirs his people and their successors forever for their subsistence.

William Leete                                 

Samuel Wyllys                                                        the mark of        Uncas

Robert Chapman                                                       

William Wadsworth                                                            

Copy:               The above instrument is a true copy of a copy under the hand of Daniel Clarke, Secretary, bearing date May 30, 1666, attested Thomas Williams, Justice of the Peace.

Transcribed out of the original May 30, 1666 by Daniel Clarke, Secretary

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