Resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly concerning the Appointment of New Overseers for the Mohegan Indians

In the Upper House, on consideration of the foregoing memorial and the motion and desire of the Honorable Matthew Griswold, Esq., and Hezekiah Huntington, Esq., two of the overseers of said Indians formerly appointed, the said two overseers are released, and Daniel Coit, William Hillhouse, Esq., and Captain Titus Hurlburt are now constituted overseers of said Indians to join with Pygan Adams, Esq., heretofore appointed one of said overseers, with the same powers and directions as were given to said former overseers, and that a bill in form be brought in accordingly, and the other matters referred to and prayed for in said memorial are continued to the General Assembly in May next for consideration.

            Legislative Action:        Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred in the Lower House.        

Test, William Williams, Clerk

Cataloguing:                292