Directions to the Committee regarding the Installment of Isaiah Uncas as Sachem

This Assembly do appoint the Honorable Jonathan Trumbull, Esq., and Jabez Hamlin and William Hillhouse, Esqs., a committee on the affairs of the Mohegan sachem and his Indians with the following directions, viz., that they acquaint Isaiah Uncas, eldest son of Benjamin Uncas, last sachem of said tribe, who departed this life the twelfth day of May last, and such others as may willingly attend on him, with the proceedings and doings of this Assembly from time to time for the benefit of Uncas, first Sachem of Mohegan, and his successors, and the Indians belonging to him and them, with said Uncas’ genealogy, accounts of himself and his relations and desire that his successors might be informed thereof with the state of the suit which Mr. John Mason in prosecuting in the name of the Mohegan sachem and Indians against the Governor and Company of this colony with the doings of said Indians before and at the installment of Major Ben Uncas to be their sachem in the year 1723 and represent to them that Isaiah, above named, ought accordingly in convenient season to be installed their sachem, which is likewise agreeable to the last will and testament of their late deceased sachem.

That said committee enquire, search after, and procure any further papers that may be serviceable, relative to the aforementioned suit and send such as they shall think proper of them to our agents in Great Britain, and suggest to them, any thoughts on the subject they shall judge best.

And generally that the committee do whatever they shall judge needful to heal the differences, promote the welfare, and to restore harmony, union, and happiness to and among said Indians, and secure the rights, and mutual interests of them and their sachem, or of him who appears to have the right to be established and installed sachem and make their report to the next General Assembly.

Legislative Action:        Passed in the Upper House.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred in the Lower House.  Test, William Williams, Clerk / May 1769 /                                      

Directions to committee / May 1769 / Passed Upper House / Passed Lower House / x / Entered  

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