Report of the Committee regarding Affairs at Mohegan

To the Honorable General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut Now Siting at Hartford

Pursuant to Your Honors’ appointment in the present session, we gave the earliest and most particular information in our power to the Mohegan Indians to meet Your Honor’s committee to confer on the matters committed to our care, and yesterday divers of them met us at the house of Mr. James Horton, and after free conference upon the subject matter of our commission, it was agreed (though not without some objections) that another conference should be held at Mr. Samson Occom’s in Mohegan at 10 o’clock this day.  Accordingly we met a small number of the Mohegan Indians at the time and place last mentioned.

And the Indians present conversed with us freely on the business, and we find the Indians in the interest of John Uncas do not seem by any means disposed either to talk about an appointment of a sachem or to make distribution of their lands at present but chose to have those matters postponed for some time, to know the event of the cause now depending in Great Britain between this colony and the Mohegan Indians, nor do they desire any council or assistance from this colony at present.

We also find that those Indians that are in the interest of the last deceased sachem’s family (which are few) are desirous that Isaiah, the eldest son of said deceased, should be declared sachem of the Mohegan Tribe, according to the will of said deceased and hope for the government’s assistance in that matter, but they don’t seem inclinable to have their lands divided.

In short, the expectations of the greater part of the tribe from the event of the suit in London and their jealousy of the friendship of the colony seems at present to prevent the good effects of any tenders of favor or assistance that can be offered them from the government.

All which is humbly submitted by Your Honors’ most obedient humble servants,

The Committee,  

Gurdon Saltonstall       

Jabez Hamlin    

Pygan Adams  

William Hillhouse  

New London, May 18, 1769

Cataloguing:    287a, 287b