Resolution on the Petition of Zacheus Nonesuch and Others giving the Niantic Tribe of Indians Permission to Sell Personal Property

General Assembly, May Session, A.D. 1868

Whereas all the members of the Niantic Tribe of Indians desire that the personal property belonging to said tribe shall be divided between them therefore,

Resolved by this Assembly, that Learned Hebard, Esqr. be and is hereby appointed a committee to divide said property between the members of said tribe, according to the rule of division established by the Superior Court for New London County at its January Session 1867.                                     

Legislative Action:

Resolution giving1 permission to sell personal property of Niantic Tribe of Indians / House of Representatives, June 2, 1868, Referred to Committee on the Judiciary, John A. Tibbits, Assistant Clerk / Senate, June 3, 1868, Concur, James U. Taintor, Clerk / Senate, June 25, 1868, Rejected, James U. Taintor, Clerk / House of Representatives, June 27, 1868, Rejected, John A. Tibbits, Assistant Clerk / Waller / 222



  • 1. The word Asking was crossed out.
  • 2. The number 16 was crossed out.