Bill for a Public Act Entitled "An Act in Addition to an Act Entitled 'An Act for the Protection of Indians and the Preservation of their Property'"

State of Connecticut
General Assembly
May Session A.D. 1869

An act in addition to an act entitled “An Act for the protection of Indians, and the preservation of their property.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly Convened:

In case of the death of any member of the Mohegan tribe of Indians, who, at the time of his or her decease is residing upon lands owned by the members or any member of the tribe, in the town of Montville, and which lands were originally sequestered by the General Assembly and set apart for the use of the members of said tribe, the overseer of said tribe shall pay the necessary charges for the internment of such deceased person out of the moneys received by such overseer from the annual rents, profits and income of said tribe received by him, and shall enter the amount so expended by him in his annual account rendered by him to the Superior Court.

Legislative Action:

Bill for a Public Act entitled “An Act in addition to an Act entitled “an Act for the protection of Indians and the Preservation of their Property, House Bill No. 143, House of Representatives, June 16, 1869.  Read and referred to Committee on Judiciary, John A. Tibbits, Clerk.  Senate June 17, 1869.  Read and Concurred.  Dwight Marcy, Clerk, House of Representatives.  June 25, 1869.  Read and passed, Edward B. Bennett, Assistant Clerk, Senate, July 1, 1869. Indefinitely postponed, Dwight Marcyl.  House of Representatives, July 1, 1869.  Reconsidered and indefinitely postponed.  John A. Tibbit, Clerk.            [ illegible ]


94, 18, 300